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EXPO 9: the Insider Edition

Join for a day of new technologies, breakout sessions with experts, curated networking, and the opportunity to meet and discuss future collaborations with our program startups and corporate partners. This event is not open to the public.


What is EXPO 9: the Insider Edition?

On February 25 we are opening our virtual doors up to a selected group of attendees. It has been designed to connect invited guests with the right people to take their ideas, technologies, investments - to the next level. This will be a one day virtual event, kicking off with a live stream bringing all participants up to speed on how to get the most out of their day.

The Breakout Sessions will be the main event this time around, enabling participants to showcase their ideas and exchange in small expert-led groups. These seminars will go deep into a range of current tech and innovation topics, including interactive workshops on the pilot projects of this program, as well as other STARTUP AUTOBAHN specific themes.

All attendees will receive access to Project Teasers, a series of case studies presenting the projects showcased and are invited to participate in virtual open networking sessions. We are going minimalistic, results-oriented, and functional - in a really good way.


September 24th, 2020 – EXPO Day 8


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The EXPO 9 Updates

Do not miss out any Expo 9 updates or website changelogs by monitoring this section of the website carefully. We keep you posted.

Project Teasers are ready to be enjoyed (and downloaded).

25th of February 2021

by Julius Berthold, Plug and Play

Happy EXPO Day!

25th of February 2021

by Holly Clayman, Plug and Play

Are you ready to meet the Startups 1:1?

22nd of February 2021

We just published our Networking Event at Remo. So join the 14 teams at 14:15 or 17:00. And as well at the end of the day, we invite you to…

Read more

by Hannah Boomgaarden, Plug and Play

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The official EXPO 9 FAQ

also known as – all the things you might ask yourself.

How can I join the EXPO 9 Livestream? Is it possible to re-watch?

Just head over to https://expo9.pnptc.events/live and you automatically join our livestream.

A recoding of the livestream will stay up the entire day so you absolutely welcome to re-watch your favourite moments throughout the day.

Who can attend EXPO? Is this open to the public?

This EXPO is just for the core STARTUP AUTOBAHN team. It is the Insider Edition which means we have invited: our partners, program startups, and a selection of external guests. But don’t worry, there will be another EXPO in the summertime so stay tuned.

Where will the livestream take place?

The livestream will happen right here on this website. This website is also the hub of all EXPO information. Everything from registration, startup and partner information, agenda, dial-in codes and links to the breakout sessions will be listed here.

Will this be an on-site event or virtual?

In consideration of the current COVID-19 situation, and due to the fact that we work together with startups and partners from all around the world, EXPO 9 will be a fully virtual event. 

We however cannot stress enough how much we are looking forward to a (hopefully soon) future where we can see each other in person again.

Last event you had feature […xyz…] on your website. Will I be able to work with that this time again?

You most probably will, yes. We decided to put up the website as early as possible, so all of our partners and startups can take all the time they need to invite their colleagues.

The website will continue to grow and evolve to deliver all sorts of features you need to work as efficiently as possible.

That being said, we are always happy to receive feedback. Send it on over to: bastian@pnptc.com.

I heard something about Breakout Sessions. When will I be able to see the list of sessions and can I register in advance?

Breakout Sessions will be added to the Agenda on February 9! Those with tickets will have access to register for a session ahead of time.

How can I order a ticket for the STARTUP AUTOBAHN EXPO 9?

The procedure to order a ticket for the upcoming STARTUP AUTOBAHN EXPO 9 on February 25th, 2020 is quite straight forward and should not take much more time than a minute.

In order to assist you with saving one of the spots we have created a detailed guideline which you can find directly on our Registration Page.

Some of the content on my companies/speaker page seems to be wrong. How can I change that?

If you find any mistakes or wrong information on the EXPO 9 website please reach out to Bastian via the contact information below.

I registered for an event but accidentally entered some wrong information. How can I update my registration profile?

We try to be as data efficient as possible and therefore do not connect the entered information with an unnecessary backend. That said – the entire profile is solely stored on your browsers local storage.

If you would like to make any changes simply log out from the Expo 9 website and re-enter afterwards. All previously entered information will be dismissed and you are ready to start over.

Still questions we did not cover in our FAQ?

That certainly means it is time to send us a message…

Get in touch

Still not sure what EXPO 9 is all about or questions about the program and its processees? – Do not hesitate to get in touch – we are here to help.

Questions about EXPO 9, its program, structure or the STARTUP AUTOBAHN itself? Get in touch with:

Hannah Boomgaarden

Senior Program Manager

Plug and Play

+49 1573 1986462
Send EMailProfile

For technical inqueries, questions about the website, or to request content changes reach out to:

Bastian Kroggel

Senior Manager Events & Operations

Plug and Play

+49 (0) 1511 7765321

Our upcoming EXPO 10

Can’t get enough of STARTUP AUTOBAHN? Apply now for your chance to participate this summer as we bring together innovators from around the world, showcasing new technologies and celebrating our EXPO 10.

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