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Adrian Grussendorf

Corporate Innovation Manager

Plug and Play

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Hi there!

As part of the corporate team at STARTUP AUTOBAHN, I have the awesome responsibility to make our numerous corporate partners happy and to contribute to the continuous growth of our ecosystem. If you are interested, to exchange about our open innovation activities and discuss potential collaboration opportunities, feel free to send me a mail to adrian@pnptc.com

Looking forward to connect and have a great EXPO 8,


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February 25th, 2021 – Thursday

2:00 PM (UTC)

0:50 h

How RepairFix and BOSCH enable long-term Profitability for MaaS Providers through AIoT-Based Fleet and Damage Management

This session will give you insights in AI/AIoT, SaaS and Image Recognition

Breakout Session



Expert Discussion + Q&A

Live Demo


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Especially relevant for mobility service providers, mobility enthusiasts, fleet and operation managers from mobility companies.

Mobility as a service can only survive if it is profitable. Currently the MSPs struggle in making money. Only if they reduce their costs (mainly for damages & maintenance) the business model creates value. RepairFix & Bosch help the MSP to become profitable. This Breakout Session is all about cutting-edge technologies. Find out about how to use AIoT Technology for MSPs and the relevance of E2E digitalization. We want to jointly design a customer-centric solution and discuss the benefits of open partnership…

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4:00 PM (UTC)

1:00 h

The Future of Intelligent Surfaces: An Approach from three Senses – AGC, Plastic Omnium & Sekisui

This session will give you insights in unique customer experience, extended functionality and interior & exterior.

Breakout Session




Expert Discussion + Q&A

Use Cases


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Especially relevant for experts from especially OEMs, but also other B2B contacts that want to work on smart surfaces and potentially seek partnerships with the involved partners.

Presentation of three smart surfaces that are perceived/categorized in three different ways/senses by the customers (Look, hear & feel). Discussion about what makes a surface smart with the audience and what they are capable in the future. Smart Surfaces are essential for the future driver experience and functionality of vehicles. Insights about current and future developments of smart surfaces from three different angles, presented by the hosting partners and complemented by the open discussion with the p…

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