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Gitte Bedford

VP Venture Capital


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  • gitte.bedford@bosch.com

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  • www.rbvc.com

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Gitte Bedford is Vice President at Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH, the VC arm of the leading automotive, building and consumer technology group. RBVC invests in disruptive deep-tech start-ups across Europe, North America, Israel and China and has currently €620m capital under management. After starting her career in the treasury department at Robert Bosch, she progressed to positions as Managing Director of Robert Bosch Finance Plc near London, UK, built and led the regional HQ Finance for Bosch's Asia-Pacific operations in Shanghai, China, and joined Bosch's VC group in 2009. 

Gitte Bedford on air

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February 25th, 2021 – Thursday

3:00 PM (UTC)

0:50 h

The CVC Roundtable Series powered by STARTUP AUTOBAHN: The Foundations of a Successful CVC - Plug and Play Tech Center

This session will give you insights in Corporate Venture Capital, Tech Investments and Growth Strategy

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As a complement to standard R&D programs, companies are turning more and more often to startup investments as a window of opportunity and technological leapfrogging. The acquisition of external disruptive technologies can not only renew and revive the capabilities of established players, but can often translate into a real competitive edge. In an ever-changing global economy, having such a gateway into innovation is key. This is why in-house corporate venture capital (CVC) activities have grown impressivel…

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