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Theodora Alexe

Ventures Associate

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Theodora is an Associate in the Ventures team at Startup Autobahn. In this role, she gets to support and promote hundreds of tech startups in front of the industry partners that form the Startup Autobahn open innovation platform. She also hunts for potential early-stage investments for Plug and Play’s VC arm.

Prior to joining Startup Autobahn, Theodora worked in investment banking in London, having graduated from Stockholm School of Economics with a MSc degree in Corporate Finance. 

EXPO 9 Rearview & Theodora Alexe

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Theodora Alexe on air

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February 25th, 2021 – Thursday

1:15 PM (UTC)

0:45 h

Charging an Electric Vehicle at No-Cost: Reality or Just a Dream? – DXC Technology & AgeVolt

This session will give you insights in e-mobility, energy managemenet systems and EV-charging digital platform

Breakout Session




Presentation + Q&A


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Especially relevant for engineers, experts, and opinion leaders within the EV Ecosystem including automotive, energy and charging providers.

AgeVolt aims to off-take its competitors by providing the ability to store and exchange energy in an ecosystem, which can result in no-cost charging. Without their solution, customers would experience continually increasing prices for charging and grid congestion. This would not allow EV users to associate their vehicles with services around e-mobility and TCO of their mobility and also charger operation will be significantly higher than ecosystem enabled ones. AgeVolt's solution is providing the ability t…

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3:00 PM (UTC)

0:50 h

The CVC Roundtable Series powered by STARTUP AUTOBAHN: The Foundations of a Successful CVC - Plug and Play Tech Center

This session will give you insights in Corporate Venture Capital, Tech Investments and Growth Strategy

Breakout Session

Open Innovation

Expert Discussion + Q&A



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Only access for corporate venture arms of our corporate partners.

As a complement to standard R&D programs, companies are turning more and more often to startup investments as a window of opportunity and technological leapfrogging. The acquisition of external disruptive technologies can not only renew and revive the capabilities of established players, but can often translate into a real competitive edge. In an ever-changing global economy, having such a gateway into innovation is key. This is why in-house corporate venture capital (CVC) activities have grown impressivel…

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4:00 PM (UTC)

1:00 h

The Future of Gesture-Recognition Technologies: Envisioning the Impact of Human-Machine Interactions Across Different Industries and Use Cases – DXC Technology & Motion Gestures

This session will give you insights in Gesture-based Interaction, HMI, and Automation.

Breakout Session


Tech Talk



Expert Discussion + Q&A


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Especially relevant for engineers, experts, and opinion leaders interested in sensor technologies surrounding ADAS and autonomous vehicles increasing road safety.

Especially during Covid-19 times, solutions with the ability for social distancing and minimized physical contact become a necessity. Trends show a focus on the use of AI, e. g. with the kiosk boom in Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) that can provide Natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities such as gesture-based interaction. An automated motion-controlled ordering process is the perfect response to these trends. Customers can select the desired products and confirm their orders with easy motions th…

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